Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Can't Wait!

Despite the fact that it's so late that it's already tomorrow, I just have to share that I got my new camera tonight! Based on helpful advice from several of my friends (thanks Kelly, Gina, Jen, and Robyn) and my brother (thanks Eric) and another professional photographer (besides Kelly) that I recently met (thanks Kassia), I decided to go ahead and purchase the Nikon D40 in a special promotional package that included the camera, two lenses (a 18-55 mm and a 55-200 mm), a camera bag, an SD card and some educational DVDs. The price was just so good I couldn't pass it up. Many reviews I read actually suggested the D40 over the 10 megapixel D40x and D60, because the price is so much better and the increase in megapixels doesn't really affect the image quality. I won't be able to print quality 11 X 14s, but I think I can live with that!

Tonight when I went to Target on the way to Chad's softball game (which went so late I didn't get home until almost midnight!) and picked up my new baby, I was so excited I walked all the way to the checkout lane with this humongous smile on my face. I was like a little kid getting a new toy! I practically bounced out of the store. I almost didn't go to Chad's game so that I could come home and play with it, but I figured since the battery wasn't charged I couldn't do much with it tonight anyway. When I got home, even though it was ridiculously late, I opened all the boxes, plugged in the charger, and put on the camera strap, which took me like 10 minutes even with the directions. I think I have a lot to learn! :)

So here is a picture of my new baby:

I must say, it's even more beautiful in person! :)

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Jen said...

So fun!!! You will love your new camera. So much to learn, but oh so fun!

Jen Klamm