Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In Memory of Mr. Rabbit

I just wanted to observe a quick moment of silence in memory of the poor little rabbit who lost his life in our backyard this evening. :( Thankfully, rabbits don't venture into our yard too terribly often, because when they do an extremely noisy pack of hounds begins its pursuit, which only ends when the terrified little bunny makes out the tiny spot in the fence where he came in. Tonight, unfortunately, said bunny didn't make it to his exit hole before getting snatched up by our fastest and youngest hound. I really don't think that Fresco actually intended to kill him, but the second he grabbed the little guy it was all over. Thankfully, he dropped the rabbit when he was yelled at, but it was already too late. I'm glad the little bunny didn't suffer for too long, but it was still so sad. I keep telling myself that Fresco's actions were just instinctual and he meant no malice--he just has a very strong prey drive!! Such is the life of a hound owner.

Needless to say, after his adventure tonight he was obsessed with sniffing every inch of the yard, hoping to find another rabbit to chase, much like his sister Hope did a couple of years ago when she caught a rabbit. Thankfully, whether on purpose or on accident, she let her catch go. Maybe in the future Fresco will realize that the chase ends with the capture and won't try so hard to track the bunny down! I can only hope!!

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Erin said...

May he rest in peace.