Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The FURminator

As promised a couple of weeks ago, tonight I want to give you a quick glimpse of a dog-related gadget we purchased earlier this month. If you're a pet owner who has spent any time at all in pet stores, you've probably seen FURminator products for quite some time. We've been seeing this special brush and the demo videos touting it for several years, and while it has always looked fascinating, it also just seemed too good to be true. The design just seemed way too simple--not too unlike a dog comb we already had at home. Paying $50 for a dog brush seemed so freakin' ridiculous, but since Celtic is a year-round shedder of massive proportions, we finally bit the bullet this month and invested in this deshedding tool. Without a doubt, the investment was totally worth it! I love this thing!

Since we brought this new toy home, I've taken our little hairy man outside a couple of times a week to give him a good brushing, and not only is it completely astounding and amazing how much hair comes flying off his little body, but I really think it has decreased his inside shedding by a significant amount! This thing really is as advertised! Check out my own little demo from earlier this evening:

One of the best things about this handy little tool is that Celtic really seems to enjoy getting "Furminated." Our previous brushing sessions never lasted very long because Celtic would get up and wander off as soon as he got bored. As you can see, he's enjoying the FURminator as much as I am!

Clearly I'm a big fan, and I would totally recommend this fun little gadget to any family with shedding pets. It's a fun little tool to use, and it's also kind of fun just to go around saying "the Furminator" like you're Schwarzenegger or something. :)

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Erin said...

Where do you get one? Does it work on cats?