Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Piano Room Project

A few weeks ago when we were doing a little sprucing up around the house in preparation for Robyn's birthday party, I finally finished up a project that had been hanging over my head for nearly a year. When we first moved to this house and were doing a bunch of furniture shopping, we bought this huge picture frame to put over the fireplace, but then decided after sitting it there for a few days that we didn't like it in that spot. I also needed to sand and stain it because the color was a little odd, but since it was too cold of a winter to work in the garage, the project got put on hold for many months. Finally in the spring when I took a bunch of pictures of campus, I decided they were perfect for the frame and got motivated to work on it again. After sanding, staining, editing pictures and getting them printed, I was finally able to get all the pictures into place (which only took about 5 tries) and get it hung on the wall of the piano room (with a little help from the hubby).

Since we'd gotten some long sought after tables on my birthday to almost finish furnishing the space, I went out and got a few decorative pieces and a lamp to put on the new tables. I love the tables and I adore the lamp, which I think matches the print chair in that room perfectly. I still would like to get a ficus for the one remaining corner, but since I killed two live ficus trees at our old house (which I contend wasn't really my fault--there just wasn't enough light in our old entryway), Chad and I are currently in negotiations as to weather I should get a live or a fake one.

Anyway, besides the plant, I think the room is done. I also think the frame looks pretty great, if I do say so myself. It just feels so good to have the project finished!


Tish said...

i dig mini martha stewart :)

amber said...

Looks good, Kim! Want to come visit and help me figure out what to do with our living room...and dining room...and family room...and office...and bedroom... :)