Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Birthday Baby

Today we're celebrating the 4th birthday of our lanky little man Fresco, and I use the word "celebrating" in the loosest sense of the word, since we did absolutely nothing special for him at all today! He's such a poor, neglected little guy.

The funny thing is that earlier this evening Chad mentioned that Fresco seemed a little dejected, which I attributed to me yelling at Hope and Celtic yesterday after work when they were jumping around like spazzoids before I got their dinner ready. Fresco is so sensitive to the emotions of either other dogs or humans, he was definitely more upset and worried about his siblings getting into trouble than they were, and he even seemed like he was still walking on eggshells a little this morning. I just thought maybe his concern was still lingering this evening, but then while we were outside for a couple of hours trying to pull up the evil, spider-like weed that's threatening to take over our entire yard, it suddenly hit me that his birthday (observed) is today! He was probably just depressed that his parents didn't even remember!

Unlike with his sister, we actually do know that Fresco is four this year and we know he was born in late August or early September. Since we already had a couple of August birthdays in the family, we picked September 1 as his official day of celebration--except that we forgot to celebrate!

Although our youngest munchkin didn't get a party, I assure you that he is probably one of the most loved pups on the planet. He is so sweet and so incredibly affectionate he will win over just about anyone he meets, just like he did when I first spent the day with him over 3 years ago. This little man was clearly destined to be part of our family, and we wouldn't trade him for the world. How can you resist that adorable face and those goofy long legs?


James said...

Bark arf whoof, Fresco!

(That's happy birthday in dog.)

cw said...

Happy belated B-day, Fresco! We'll celebrate twice next year.