Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sidetracked by Video Chat

Last night Chad was out of town, and early in the day I had these grand intentions (delusions) that I was going to have an incredibly productive evening while he was gone. I started strong by getting the first load of laundry going, but just as I was getting ready to clean the bathroom I started getting hungry and went to make myself something for dinner instead. Going to the kitchen meant that I passed by the computer, at which point I happened to notice that my brother was online on Google chat. I couldn't resist calling him for a "quick" video chat, because Google's video chat is just so awesome it feels like I'm hanging out in his living room. Basically, for about the next two hours Eric and I sat around and made each other laugh like a couple of children. Good times.

I just love Google video chat so much, I've been trying to recruit all my other friends and family members who have gmail accounts to use it, because it's so simple. Like all Google functions and products, it's just so perfectly integrated with email and easy to set up and use. I totally love it. I wanted to provide a little sample just so you could see how cool it is! Just try to ignore my ridiculously loud, nasally voice while you check this out.

Why didn't anyone ever tell me my voice was so incredibly annoying? Ack! Regardless, you can see how cool video chatting is!


Erin said...

y'all are too funny. You don't have an annoying voice. That is what I think of mine whenever I hear it. I think everyone thinks that about their own voice!!

CaraBrown said...

EVERYTHING about this video is funny. Call me for a detailed list as to why. Soo funny.