Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beta Test--Episodes 4 and 5

I've totally failed as the #1 fan of my brother's web series since I've failed to blog about the last two episodes! New ones have been coming out every two weeks, so #4 came out just over three weeks ago and #5 came out just last Friday. You should definitely watch them if you haven't already! Each episode is only about five minutes long, so it would only take you 25 minutes to get up to date on the entire series! All five episodes and the trailer can be found on The Beta Test YouTube page. I probably won't be embedding them here anymore because they're starting to contain a little more adult content than I'd like to feature directly on the Chatter! According to The Beta Test Facebook page, "If you haven't watched episode 5 yet, get to it! Violence! Mayhem! And even more cats!"

Speaking of their FB page, they're steadily gaining followers, and today they gained five whole fans in one day! I think having 171 people who "like" you is pretty great, but it would be wonderful to see their popularity explode and "go viral" like so many YouTube videos do. Feel free to email this post and help spread the word about The Beta Test!

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