Monday, September 27, 2010

Margie's Family

Although last week was a sad time for Chad's family with the loss of Grandma, the celebration of her life at her funeral was really very nice. We had a great time sharing stories about Grandma with her pastor the previous day, which he then retold at the service so that even those who didn't know her well learned what a strong, hard-working, giving, generous person she was. While we were talking with her pastor I realized I had a ton of first hand stories and memories of Grandma, considering she wasn't my actual grandmother at all. Then it dawned on me that she had been my Grandma for 17 years now--no wonder I felt like we were actually related! I think she was even more special to me since I lost my last grandparent, my beloved Grandma Seaman, over 11 years ago. Grandma Decker and our dear Grandma Luce are all I have!

Anyway, as it happens with many funerals, it was nice time to spend with family members that we don't get to see very often. After the burial on Thursday we went out to Chad's parents house and ate and chatted and relaxed with family, and it was really nice. Of course I took lots of pictures, and as I often do, I took lots of candid shots, which I think best capture real moments and real personalities. In fact, one of the few posed pictures of the entire day is one of the few I totally messed up! Candid shots are definitely more my strength!


cw said...

Thank for the pics! I think I look a lot like Jonathan (my younger half-brother, for the benefit of non-family members) in one of the shots.

amber said...

I am glad to hear things went well last week. We were thinking of you. I'm also glad you thought to capture all of the family time through your photos. As always, well done!

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful way to remember the family. The picture of you and Chad's dad. I will always remember grandma at our fourth of Julys.

Anonymous said...

I will always remembered and enjoyed Marge's at so many events and even coming to be at our 4th of July event----and, yes, it is true she loved (yes)fried melon flowers from
our garden. Sadly the last time she was here, we didn't have a garden. I will miss her. Sherry