Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Back in 2006 when OK Go released their treadmill video to the world via Youtube, I became an instant fan. Their music is catchy and slightly unique, and their videos are SO amazingly creative and downright goofy. I'm a huge sucker for goofy.

Earlier this year I was amazed and mesmerized by another of their videos when they released the Rube Goldberg machine version of "This Too Shall Pass." If you haven't watched it you absolutely have to. Right now. It's just flipping phenomenal. Every time I watch it I see something totally new and amazing. I'm such a huge fan I can't believe I haven't actually talked about this before on my blog--maybe I have and just can't seem to find the post, since searching for "ok go" brings up hundreds of posts.

Anyway, today at lunch I was checking a dog photographer blog that I subscribe to and she had posted a new OK Go video that might just be my absolute favorite ever. While it's not quite as amazing as the Rube Goldberg machine, it's definitely near and dear to my heart. I was already a big fan--then they had to go and do this!!

Did you catch at the end that they have a place on their website where you can donate to the ASPCA? Can you see why I love it so much?


amber said...

Earlier this week when you posted this I read the blog post on my phone so I wasn't able to watch the video. Now I just did and that is the most awesome video! I had to send it to the dog lovers in my family! Thanks for posting it! I can't even keep track of how many dogs starred in the video. Can you imagine having all of those pups "on set" and all of the inevitable bathroom breaks and barks? ;)

cw said...

We should recreate it on a smaller scale with Celtic, Hope, and Fresco. I'm guessing it would not go quite as smoothly.