Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Good Friday

I can't really explain exactly why, but I have have had one of the most joy-filled days ever today. Even though I was at work from 8-5 minus lunch, I just couldn't contain my happiness. Maybe it's because a couple of nights ago I found out that the plans we had in KC tonight were changed--and now I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening with my wonderful husband making homemade pizza and catching up on Tivo, after a glass of wine and a little blogging on our sunny deck, complete with our three wonderful dogs and chirping birds and puffy white clouds in the sky. Maybe my joy came from the first spring thunderstorm we had this morning, followed by sunshine in the afternoon. Maybe it's because a few weeks ago it felt like spring would never get here, but now all of the grass is turning a beautiful green and flowers all over the city are blooming like mad. Maybe it's because yesterday I got my first bingo in my iPhone Words With Friends game (like Scrabble) and then got another bingo today. Maybe it's because the entire neighborhood is outside enjoying this beautiful weather, and I can hear sounds of happiness from almost every direction. Maybe it's because I listened to this song a bunch of times today and I think it's about the most uplifting song ever. Maybe because it's because it's a holiday, and as my childhood friend Keith exclaimed on Facebook, "Good Friday: The most horrific event in history was the only event that could bring about unfathomable good." Maybe I'm anticipating the joy of the holiday in two more days, looking forward to celebrating the miracle of the resurrection!!!

Speaking of Easter, today I found the most incredibly artistic and unusual depiction of the Passion play. You have to check this out--it's so incredible!

I hope this brings a little bit of joy to your day too!

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cw said...

That artist is amazing. I can barely draw a legible stick figure.