Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chuck vs. the Tooth

Last night we watched an all new episode of Chuck after a 3 week hiatus, and since it's one of the two shows I actually watch regularly, I was super excited it was back on the air. However, I was even more excited than I would have normally been (normally we don't even get around to watching it until later in the week) because new episodes mean we're one week closer to the one called Chuck vs. the Tooth, scheduled to air on May 10. Check out the trailer for multiple upcoming shows and see if you can pick out what I'm excited about.

Can anyone (who doesn't already know) guess why I'm especially excited to watch the May 10 episode? :)


Erin said...

that's awesome!! I don't watch the show but I will have to record that one.

Jen said...

I'm assuming your brother is going to be on it? I watched it over and over again. Is he the one laying down, eye closed for a brief moment?

Jen said...

Ahh there he is, orderly with the white coat on the left.

I hope this is a big break for him!

Kim, it would be fun to have a famous brother.