Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There are so many things I'm dying to blog about, but I just can't seem to sit down and focus these days. My brain has about 12 different things it's constantly thinking about--one of them being my high school reunion that's coming up in just 6 weeks that I'm trying to plan. It seems like every free moment lately has been trying to work on the details, which means that blogging with any regularity has become a thing of the past!

Since I have no time for anything lengthy, I wanted to share a few Youtube videos that people have passed along in the last couple of weeks that I've absolutely loved. If you have time for a quick break from what you're doing, you have to check out these cuties!

I love this little guy! He's such a beautiful kid with amazing ukulele skills--along with hysterical facial expressions. I love that he clearly knows no English (the original poster says they are Japanese) but is just belting out that song like nobody's business. The nose scratches in the midst of his performance are just too adorable. There are several more videos of this talented little man on Youtube.

How precious is this tiny little guy? He is rocking out and I love that song! I love the laughing and smiling at the end too. I just want to take him home! This kid's name is apparently Howard Wong, and he's all over Youtube as well. There's one video of him playing drums in his dad's band and several of him playing as a 2 year old. He's pretty amazing!

This little guy isn't quite as amazing as the others, but there was just something about his head bobbing that killed me--too cute! He looked like such a shy little kid and then belted it out with such confidence I was extremely impressed. I certainly wouldn't have had the guts to sing that kind of solo when I was that age!

There were so many more videos of child prodigies that came up when I was watching these on Youtube I could probably have watched them all day. There are some amazingly talented kiddos out there!

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cw said...

No doubt that he can sing, but what's a kid with a Rolling Stones t-shirt doing singing a Journey song? Maybe his advisers are confused.