Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wake Up Call

Almost every morning this week I've woken up before my alarm thanks to the crazy loud birds that have been chirping all over our neighborhood. Even with the windows closed, these suckers are so loud I can't sleep. Don't get me wrong--I love spring and I love chirping birdies. I just wish those little guys would at least wait until the sun is up before they start rejoicing about the morning. On Thursday morning when I took Celtic out front to go potty (we're trying to avoid the deck stairs as much as possible these days), this was the scene outside in front of our house. Beautiful, yes. Conducive to sleeping, no.

The funny thing is, this morning when I actually could sleep in until 7:30 or so, I didn't hear a single bird outside my window. Those birds need to check their calendar and learn about weekends!

1 comment:

Erin said...

That is funny because the dang birds down here do the same to me! My alarm goes off at 6:35 and I wake up about six every morning because of the stupid birds that are behind our house. Drives me insane!