Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Guests

My dad called me on Monday just to make sure everything was okay, and I didn't really understand why he asked the question until he mentioned that I hadn't blogged in several days. Life has been such a whirlwind in the last week I didn't even realize it had been so long! We've had things going on every day/night for the last 7 days straight, and I'm so thankful that tonight I finally have an evening to relax. This evening I actually enjoyed the hammock for a little while and still had time to make dinner!

One of the activities during the last week that kept us busy was hosting. On Friday, I went to the airport and picked up my friend Kati from college, who I hadn't seen since she was in our wedding almost 16 years ago! How sad is it that it's been so long! We had a great afternoon together, eating in downtown Lawrence and doing a little shopping and grabbing a drink with some other college friends. Although we had separate social engagements Friday evening, she came home and stayed with us that night and we went and had brunch the next morning at our friend Dre's house. It was so good to hang out--it was obviously long overdue!

On Monday, our friend Steve came for a visit. Steve and his wife Becky used to live in Lawrence before moving to the Denver area about 8 years ago, and I hadn't seen them since our visit to Colorado back in 2007. Steve had a business meeting in the area Tuesday morning, so he came and hung out with us for a couple of hours and borrowed our guest room. Although his visit was brief, we had such a nice time chatting a little and catching up!

Nothing beats seeing old friends! We're looking forward to more houseguests in May and hope any other of our out-of-town friends will come visit us soon as well!

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