Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stormy Skies, Stormy Stomachs

If you read my last post from a few days ago, you will no doubt see the irony in this one. Last Friday, just hours after I was expressing my extreme elation (apparently I was too elated to actually be bothered with proofreading, since I just reread the post for the first time and found a ton of typos), an icky illness descended upon our household. Apparently, we managed to give ourselves food poisoning from the aforementioned homemade pizza. For my iron stomach, this just meant that I've been battling bouts of nausea for the last several days. For my poor hubby, who has a bit of a comprised intestinal tract, this has amounted to much, much more. I'll spare you the horrific details, but let's just say this was the first time he had a bout of barfing since his hospital stay over 8 years ago.

While we're not 100% sure this has been a food related illness, we're guessing that our pizza was the culprit because of the rapid onset of our stomach problems. After an incredibly enjoyable evening, we were getting ready to fall asleep when suddenly we both felt like we could yak. The weird thing is we can't figure out exactly what made us sick. Our pizza had no meat, so our best guess is that it was the fresh mushrooms or red peppers we put on top. Since I'd eaten a red pepper from that bag the previous day, and since our mushrooms were the topping that didn't get cooked completely, we're assuming it was the fungi that were tainted with some sort of bacteria or pesticide or something. They were the kind that are already "washed" and sliced, so we made the mistake of not washing them before eating and not sauteing them before they went into the oven. That's a mistake we won't make again, as those mushrooms made for a not too happy Easter weekend! Although Chad made it to church, he came home immediately after and wasn't able to go to brunch because he couldn't eat anything except for dry English muffins! Today was the first day he was relatively normal, although he still didn't make it an entire day at work.

Speaking of today, late this afternoon we had a fabulously intense thunderstorm with amazing torrents of rain so thick you couldn't see the cars in the parking lot from my office window. It must have been zero visibility because on my way home, after the downpours were over, the police were attending to a car that was sitting right in the middle of the median. There were rivers of water flowing through the streets and it didn't even rain that long. The worst of it was over by the time I got home, so I captured a shot of the post rain sun trying to peak through the clouds with my iPhone, and then used the free Photoshop app (that I'm totally addicted to) to make a few adjustments to the picture. I think it's pretty cool!

For you Facebook friends, I edited a bunch more pictures of cool cloud/sun combos that I took on the way to work this morning and loaded them onto FB with my iPhone. Check them out here if you're interested!

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cw said...

Great pic!

Bring out your dead!

I'm not dead yet. I'm feeling much better.