Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beaming With Pride

If you could see me tonight you would see that I'm so proud I'm beaming. In just about an hour, my wonderful brother is appearing in a short film called "Stage Two" at the LA Shorts Fest. I'm so incredibly proud of him, and yet so incredibly sad that I can't be there to support him and to see the whole film!

He was kind enough to post the trailer for his film on Facebook today, but unfortunately, I can't figure out any way to post it here for your viewing pleasure. I'm not sure if non-Facebook users will be able to watch it, but you can give it a try by clicking here and crossing your fingers. I think the film looks very funny and well-made, but that's just me!

Congrats, my dear brother! Hope you have a great time at your movie premiere tonight!


cw said...

As one of the last remaining Facebook holdouts, I could not view the trailer. Perhaps Eric can send us a copy? I am sure he killed!

Tish said...

you are a great supportive sissy lady : )

tell your bro i'll be crossing my fingers for him!