Sunday, July 26, 2009

The New Backyard

Since I found the camera cable over the weekend I have no more excuses for not posting pictures, so I thought I'd share the only ones I've taken at the new house--a few shots of the backyard. What I wish I actually had to share was a video of the dogs the first time we brought them over to see their new house/yard. Right after we got the keys, before any of the furniture had arrived, we brought them over to the empty house to check it out. Since it was about to start sprinkling and Chad had already loaded the back of his Tacoma, we rushed out of the house without grabbing the camera, which was such a bummer because the dogs were absolutely hilarious. With the young and agile Fresco in the lead, they sprinted from room to empty room, sniffing every corner and looking out every window. They ran up and down the stairs and slid across the tile and hardwood like the empty house was a jungle gym. They were so happy, Fresco especially was bouncing from room to room. They got outside and sprinted down the stairs of the deck and ran around the yard in circles, sniffing every little spot and peeing in every corner. They were so funny, and I could have just kicked myself for not being able to capture the moment on video! Unfortunately, by the time they came back later that night, most of the furniture was in place, so the newness and fascination had worn off for the most part!

Regardless, here are just a few shots of the backyard, so you can just imagine the happy puppies I've described. :)

Hope at the top of the steps of our deck.

Celtic is checking out the security of the fence.

I think Fresco is marking his territory.

This is the horizon behind our house.

A beautiful sunset from our back deck.

As you can see, we're pretty much on the edge of town. Being almost rural has brought with it another issue that I certainly hadn't thought of--but that's a story for another post!


Erin said...

Great pictures! Your backyard looks so nice. And what a view from your deck. That is awesome! So did you go furniture shopping and did you find anything?

Tish said...

how flippin beautiful! i'm jealous. i haven't seen that much big space since...well i don't know. that doesn't exist in la!