Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sausages! Sausage!

Since I don't think I'll have time tonight to talk about any of the significant things (Leigh Ann's wedding, our trip, last Thursday's gathering) I've been meaning to blog about, I thought I'd instead share one of the insignificant things (believe me, there are many) I've been meaning to blog about!

Last month I was bragging about a yummy stir-fry dish I made that included some awesome chicken sausages we've been buying at Hy-Vee, but I couldn't remember what brand they were. When we purchased them again last week before having friends over for a BBQ, I remembered to take pictures of the packaging so I could share them with those of you who are interested (or REALLY interested, in Amy's case). ;) Here they are!

I guess the brand is "Al Fresco"? Regardless, my favorites are, in order:

1. Buffalo Style
2. Sweet Apple
3. Red Pepper and something (not pictured)
4. Spinach and Feta (I'm not in love with this one)

Those are the only ones I've tried, but there are actually a few other flavors available as well. I also heard a rumor today that Target carries their own Archer Farms brand of chicken sausages that are really good too!

While we're on the subject of sausages, I have to share my favorite sausage-related video. Chad and I quote this one ALL the time.

Good talk.


Amy said...

The trifecta! 1) I find out what brand the sausages are. 2) I get a call-out in the blog. 3) I'm the first commenter! Today is gonna rock!

Jen said...

Thanks. I'm going to have to get some of those sausages. The video was hilarious!

Leigh Ann said...

Kim, you are tooooooo much!