Sunday, July 12, 2009

Breaking Guitars

Last week Good Morning America showed this Youtube video, and since it's been viewed almost 2 1/2 million times, you've probably already seen it. It's so brilliant though, it's definitely a keeper. I'd tell you the back story, but the song really tells the story pretty well by itself.

The GMA staff followed up by saying that United had apologized and finally reimbursed the musician, Dave Carroll, for his guitar. You can read the full story here or visit Dave's website here. What a brilliant way to take matters into your own hands!


cw said...

Good stuff.

amber said...

I liked this a lot! I haven't been a faithful GMA watcher this summer, but I do like to check out their youtube features. My sister clued me into the Evian roller skating babies (also featured there). Did you see that one?