Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Since Chad won't let me have a garage sale to get rid of all of our stuff, tonight's activity involved photographing a few of the random items that aren't worthy of moving and then posting them into ads on Craigslist (online classifieds). I only pictured and posted about five items that I thought people might be interested in, and one of those items was a wire dog crate that we used to kennel foster dogs but have since replaced with a sturdier plastic crate. An hour or so after posting the crate, we got an email message about it. Is it me, or is this a little weird?

"I want this if you'll accept a post dated check for the 1st of August or trade for a leather like cool chair......see attached.
Call if interested. I need the crate tonight. If you're interested in this chair, you'd need to pick it up."

Seriously? Is that odd? Maybe not so odd for regular Craiglist people but odd for normal people? She wants to give us a check that would bounce or make us come pick up a fake leather chair tonight? Seriously.


Erin said...

holy cow that was funny. And strange!! Why won't Chad let you have a garage sale?

jake said...

That's great. Who knows, maybe there's money in that chair. There's money in the banana stand you know.

kjl said...


vwiese said...

don't do it, you don't want to deal with these kind of people on craigslist. I have been drinking the craigslist koolaid for over a year now and you don't want to deal with this person. Only take cash ;)

Jen said...

Very odd. It left me speechless.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
I just listed and sold some stuff on craigslist for the first time a couple months ago. Tip from me, FIRST ONE with the cash in your hand gets the item. No holding. No trading. It can be a freaky crowd, watch out and good luck!