Monday, July 20, 2009

Amazing Move

Sorry about the blogging hiatus--it probably goes without saying that we were a little busy over the weekend. Amazingly, although a huge number of our belongings are still packed in boxes in the garage, we are actually feeling very settled. There is a lot of decorating that still needs to be done and a few pieces of furniture that still need to be purchased, but overall, we are incredibly at home. This home was meant to be ours, and we feel so amazingly blessed.

We were able to get settled so quickly because of the amazing friends and family members who came to help us for many hours on Thursday afternoon/evening. Our friends were so awesome, we were able to take the moving truck back more than 24 hours early!! Our friends Dante, Grant, Dillon and Pat, Chad's brother Jonathan and his friend Chris, and my mother-in-law Joanie's husband Rory provided most of the moving muscle. Our friends Heather, Quillen, Kristin and Leigh Ann helped moved tons of boxes, put together and organize furniture, and put away boxes and clothes. Leigh Ann even went as far as to make DINNER for all of our friends who were helping with the move! Joanie was absolutely amazing as well, cleaning at our old house all evening Thursday and most of the day on Friday too! We just couldn't have made this move so easily without our wonderful family and friends!!

While I haven't had a chance to take many pictures of the new place yet, I was able to pull a pic of the outside from a real estate site for those of you who've expressed interest! Hopefully you'll be able to come visit us in person soon!


Tish said...

pretty pretty!

cw said...

Ditto on the thanks to all that helped us move. May a curse be placed on Howgill for choosing a four-day golf vacation over helping us move. What's with that?

Gina said...

So Pretty!!! Can't WAIT to see the rest of the pics!!!

BTW...did you get my email last night??? I know it was long and rambling! :-)

James said...

So glad to hear the move went well! I'm sure it was a lot of work. Sorry we couldn't be there to help. Looking forward to seeing the new place!