Monday, June 01, 2009

What Did That Bird Eat?

This is pretty gross, but it's also quite fascinating in the sense that it completely defies the laws of physics. The other day we went to open a window in the kitchen, and this is what we saw when we pulled up the shade:

I mean holy cow, that is the biggest splattering of bird poop I've ever seen! Not only that, but the bulk of it is inside of the screen. Here's another angle where you can see the point of entry.

I mean seriously, how is this even possible? At what angle and at what velocity does a bird have to be flying in order to poop in a way that it goes through the screen and splats all over the window like this? I almost wish I could have seen it (I said almost), because I really just don't understand how this happened. And seriously, what in the world did that bird have for breakfast!?


Beth said...

I have to say, it made me laugh in that weird, morbid way, like when I'm laughing to something James says that's inappropriate but yet hilarious. That, and bird poop.

Amy said...

We're having the same problem at our house! Not necessarily the "what" but the "how." It's ridiculous! Are they flying backwards butt-first into our windows and doors?