Sunday, June 07, 2009

If That Phone Don't Ring One More Time

I have to say that today was a little depressing. I know our house has only been on the market for three full days, but we got a little spoiled after having showings those first two days. When our agent didn't call today to schedule another appointment or give us feedback about yesterday's showing, I was totally bummed. I seriously spent half my day checking email and checking for phone messages and even just staring a my phone. I'm having such a hard time being patient. I have to keep telling myself that God's timing is perfect, and if and when He wants us to move, He'll send a buyer our way! I'm just praying for patience during the wait!


cw said...

Great title!

-Rhett "Dreamy" Miller

kjl said...

I knew you would like it, even if everyone else just thought I was using poor grammar. :)

Erin said...

I would be the exact same way.