Saturday, June 20, 2009

Open Again

Last night we spent our evening running errands and cleaning, preparing for today's open house--our second open house in 6 days. The open last Sunday went pretty well--we had 7 families/couples come through, which was more than we expected. Our Realtor said that all of the people who came had very positive comments and several seemed interested, but none were quite ready for buying. We had another showing on Tuesday with a family who was apparently TOO ready for buying. They ended up making an offer on another house because it was empty and they needed to move in almost immediately. We were a little bummed, especially because they chose a house that was $35,000 more expensive than ours, and in our opinion, not nearly as nice!

Even before this potential buyer fell off our short list, our agent had scheduled today's open house. Thankfully, there wasn't a lot to do to prepare, but we did have to go out last night and buy curtains for our bedroom. We actually had curtains last week, but last Saturday evening I decided to throw them in the laundry so that they'd be nice and fresh for the open on Sunday afternoon. I pulled them out of the washing machine on Sunday morning after I got out of the shower, and this was the result.

Uh, yeah. Apparently there was a tiny tear in one of the curtains, because just one of them came out this way--completely shredded! Since our open house was just a few hours away, I was a little sad, to say the least. After church I rushed out to Target, picked out a pair of curtains that were the right size, and then rushed home to throw them into the wash to get the wrinkles out. Unfortunately, when the new curtains came out of the dryer, they'd shrunk at least 3 inches and were way too short for the window!!

At this point, the open house was less than 30 minutes away, so there was really nothing we could do. We just took the curtains down and hoped that people wouldn't think it was too weird that we had no treatments in our bedroom!

Last night when we got the new curtains, even though they said they were washer/dryer safe (as did the first ones), I wasn't going to take any chances--I chose to iron out the wrinkles instead. Hopefully our bedroom looked a little more normal at today's open house!

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Erin said...

holy cow, when i saw the picture (before reading) i thought maybe one of the dogs got your curtains! But i know your dogs are well behaved dogs so they wouldn't do that.