Thursday, June 04, 2009

Happy Workiversary to Us

I coined a new word! It's what you call your wedding anniversary when you actually spend it working instead of celebrating. :)

Today Chad and I took the day off together to celebrate 15 wonderful years of marriage, but our day off together turned into a day of work: moving furniture for carpet cleaning/stretching (although I will admit that Chad did pretty much all the moving), mulching/watering/mowing, caulking/painting, sod cutting and teak oiling. For our anniversary present to each other, we are having a radon mitigation system installed--very romantic, I know. Don't be too jealous. All of these projects might seems a little (okay a lot) lame for such an important anniversary, but it was pretty crucial that they all get done today because of this.

Yes, that is our house, and that is the sign that arrived at our house earlier today. It's official! Our house is now on the market and our first showing is tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and I forgot the other gift we might have gotten each other today--a new house! In between all of our work projects, today we spent lots of time negotiating through our real estate agent on the price of the house we would like to buy. After several counter offers by both sides, we are very close to settling on a price we are happy with. Once the contract is signed, it will be contingent on the sale of OUR house within the next 6o days--which means we need to find a buyer super quick! If another buyer comes along with a cash offer during that time, the deal will fall through and we'll be back to square one. The timing will have to be darn near perfect, but if it does work out it will be a lovely anniversary present! :)


amber said...

Wow! How exciting! I trust you will keep us posted. In the meantime, I will be praying for patience and calm while you wait!

Amanda said...

Just looked at the photos of your house... it looks GREAT... I'm sure it will sell... you guys did an excellent job! I'll spread the word!

jake said...

Wow, that is awesome! What big news, bets of luck with the house selling!

Erin said...

Yea!!! That's great! Send me the link to your house where it is listed.

cw said...

I checked the traditional wedding anniversary gift guide, but no radon mitigation system was found for fifteen years of marriage. I guess we are starting a new tradition!

Your post was hilarious.