Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Out of Sorts

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we got our upstairs carpets cleaned on our workiversary last week. Prior to the cleaning, Chad moved almost every piece of furniture from the living room into our eat-in kitchen, so our tiny little dining area looked like this.

Every other room in the house looked pretty much the same, as we were determined to get the maximum amount of carpet cleanage for our money. The change of scenery turned out to be a pretty big deal to our little weird one, who tends to be a crazy creature of habit who just doesn't adjust well to change. Oh yeah--and she's incredibly spoiled. She just couldn't stand it that she wasn't allowed to sleep on our bed all day long like she does every other day of the week.

So most of the day the dogs had to hang out with us outside (their life is so rough), but the second we walked in the door, Hope was ready to be in with us.

Once the cleaners were gone, we blocked off the kitchen area with various pieces of furniture so that the dogs could come inside without being free to tromp all over the wet carpet. Even though one of the pieces of furniture was a loveseat, and therefore just as soft and comfy as our bed she sleeps on every day, Hope just couldn't seem to relax enough to take a nap in this unusual location.

She would lay there for a few minutes, but then jump up and start pacing around the kitchen, trying to find a break in the barricade where she could sneak through to get to the bedroom. Eventually, she got her chance. I stepped out onto the patio for a moment, and when I turned back around to come in Hope was making a break for it--jumping over the back of the loveseat and sprinting down the hall to the bedroom.

When I went to the bedroom to retrieve her, it was obvious she knew she'd made a serious error in judgment, since when she got there, the bed was also covered in furniture. The sheepish look on her face completely cracked me up!

We headed back to the kitchen, where Hope finally gave in and laid down on the dog bed we'd placed there for them. She was so tired from missing her normal all day nap, but she still refused to let herself sleep while out of her normal routine.

After dozing off repeatedly, Hope finally gave in and collapsed, exhausted. Our workiversary was apparently very hard work for her as well!


James said...

Cute story. Poor Hope!

Good luck with all the house stuff!

Brenda said...

You have such cute doggies.

Erin said...

Oh my goodness that is so funny. Love the picture of her laying in your room with that look on her face. No she is not spoiled at all. :)