Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Evening of Favorites

This evening was a good one. I enjoyed a whole lot of favorites.

1. Watching some of my favorite KU basketball players (Big W, DJ, BT and Russ Rob) play in a benefit basketball game, which involved absolutely no defense but a ton of dunks, threes and showboating.

2. Hanging with friends from our church small group (although we missed you Pat and Kristin!).

3. Going out to eat after the game, where I had pizza, one of my two favorite foods, covered in three different kinds of olives (YUM!), supplemented by a few of Chad's french fries, the other of my two favorite foods.

4. Getting home and watching an all new episode of Burn Notice. Love it. I heart Michael Westen.


Paula said...

Dang it!!! I totally forgot the new season of Burn Notice started last night! Ugh!!!

cw said...

I double heart Michael Westin! What do you think of them apples?

Beth said...

I want to go to there! How long til July 2?!?!?

Glad you had so much fun. Thanks for alterting us to the show Burn Notice! We watch it now.

kristin said...

We triple heart Michael Westin! Sorry we missed such a great event last night!

Rick said...

where can one get this crazy olive/french fry pizza you speak of?

kjl said...

In my effort to be brief, I probably didn't make clear that the fries weren't actually ON the pizza. I was just eating Chad's fries in addition to my pizza! It was Stone Creek, by the way. :)