Sunday, March 30, 2008

So Happy I Could Cry

Words cannot express how excited, elated and exhausted I was after tonight's game. I was so nervous before the game I thought I would throw up. I was so stressed during the game I thought I would pass out. I was so ecstatic after the game I thought I would pee my pants. It was pretty much the ugliest win ever, but Bill's Boys did it. After making history (all four #1 seeds winning their regions) the monkey is off KU's back and they're headed to the Final Four. After shedding many tears of sorrow during the tournament over the last few years, today I was finally able to cry tears of joy! Rock Chalk, Jayhawks!!! :)


Beth said...

We luckily got the game in Guate and we were SO nervous thoughout! Especially after the other 3 #1 seeds made it into the Final Four...KU almost seemed like they had to lose so all 4 #1s wouldn't go, but they DID win! They DID!! You only have to win by one point, right? Now we have to put ole Roy in his place on Saturday....LAST place, that is!!!

kjl said...

I'm so glad you guys got the game--too bad it wasn't less stressful and more fun!!! It was so painful to watch, but as Chad always says, a win is a win is a win! :)