Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Basketball on the Brain

This afternoon I started making my picks for my NCAA Tourney bracket. As usual, I'll be entering our annual office pool along with that of a couple of our other friends. Our office pool is rather large, and although I was darn close to winning last year, I have yet to come away with any winnings from that particular competition in the 9 years I've been entered. It certainly isn't from lack of trying, since I generally always do a ridiculous amount of research before selecting my winners. I really don't know why--it doesn't really ever seem to help me. I just can't seem to help myself.

This year I'm considering only filling out one bracket, as opposed to doing the "Kim's Dream" and "Kim's Reality" bracket. In previous years, my theory has been that my Jayhawks generally do better when I don't pressure them by picking them to go all the way. However, if I don't pick them to go all the way, then I feel terribly guilty about it. My solution has always been to do two brackets. I'm thinking maybe that this year I shouldn't continue the two bracket tradition, since clearly it hasn't resulted in a win for me, and more importantly, hasn't resulted in a win for the Jayhawks!

Speaking of the Jayhawks, the other day when I was babbling about the article in the KUAA newsletter that had so much great trivia about our players, my friend Amber pointed out to me that there was a much larger wealth of information about Bill's Boys (and Bill himself) in the online media guide. How is it that I never knew that the media guide was available on the web? What kind of fan am I?

Actually, despite my ignorance about the KU Athletics website, my love of the Jayhawks evidently runs pretty deep. I'm already nervous about the game on Thursday!! The Big Dance starts in less than two days!

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Beth said...

We were excited to watch the KU games from here!!! What a fun time of year! :)