Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pearly Whites

Today Hope and Celtic got their teeth cleaned. A teeth cleaning is always a big ordeal for dogs since they don't submit willingly to having a sharp object scraped around their gums. Since they have to be put under general anesthesia, it's hard on their little bodies (not to mention expensive)-- especially for old guys like Celtic.

Unfortunately, even though the dogs had their teeth cleaned just over a year ago, they were both due for another cleaning already. Celtic's teeth just tend to form plaque really quickly, while Hope has lots of damaged teeth (we guess from lack of dental care and good nutrition) from the first 5+ years of her life, before she came to live with us. I can't imagine that her neglectful owners actually gave her any chew toys, and since she's an aggressive chewer who loves rawhides, cow hooves, tennis balls, rope toys, acorns and anything else she can chew on, I picture her chewing on any rocks within reach while chained up in their yard.

Anyway, today poor little Hope had to have one of her damaged teeth pulled, as the root was exposed and was starting to get infected. She came home with stitches in her mouth and loopy from the anesthetic, but thankfully she doesn't feel too bad because she's doped up on painkillers. She's just been staggering around like a drunk most of the evening, acting slightly weirder than her normally weird self. Here are a few funny pictures from this evening for a good laugh.

Huh? What are you saying to me?

My mouth ith a littthle numth.

I can't seem to keep my eyes open.

Oh hello, Mr. Wall. How are you today?

Celtic didn't have anything so exciting as an extraction today, but his dental visit was still a little rough on him. He has been so darn lethargic this evening, I think he's having a really hard time shaking off the anesthetic. He wasn't even interested in watching us eat our dinner, so I know he must be feeling really crummy! His pictures aren't funny--just a little sad!

I'm glad to be home so I can get some sleep!

I'm just going to crash out here before I even get to my bed!

Quit bothering me with that camera, Mom. I'm tired and cranky.

Just for good measure, I have to include Mr. Sad Eyes. Don't let him fool you--he's really a very happy dog. He's just not very good at smiling for pictures!


Anonymous said...

I am fine, Hope. How are you doing?

Mr. Wall

Erin said...

Hope the dogs are feeling better. Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I have missed out on several things lately. Today I finally had a chance to catch up. I just want to hug the furry family. mom