Monday, March 31, 2008

No News

For those of you checking in on Hope, we unfortunately didn't hear from her doctor today, so we're still waiting to get the pathology report on her tumor. Dr. Layton thought that the results would be back in the early part of this week, so we're hoping to get some good news tomorrow. In the meantime, Hope is feeling good (based on the fact that she's still trying to beat up her foster brother) and her incision is healing nicely. She's even getting a little more tolerant of her cone. Only about 8 more days of being a conehead and those stitches will be coming out!

Thanks for checking in! We're praying for good news tomorrow and hoping that this dog drama will be over for good!!


Beth said...

UGH! 8 more days of wearing that thing? Poor Hope. We can only wish that it is worth it and we get some good news in the end!

Erin said...

It's great to hear she is doing well. I agree, 8 days sounds like a long time. Poor thing. So glad she has wonderful parents!!