Monday, May 10, 2010


As you might know, tonight my brother was on one of my favorite TV shows. I'd been looking forward to this night for months, even though my brother kept telling me it was really no big deal. As it turns out, my brother was right--I probably shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. In an unfortunate turn of events, tonight there have been major storms all over the viewing area, which means there were emergency storm maps all over the screen throughout our recording of the episode. This probably doesn't sound like such a big deal, but it seriously hampered our viewing experience. Seriously. I mean really seriously. Really.

So my brother had one quick line in the show, and this was what happened on our screen when he delivered it.

That snicker you hear is me, because seriously, that was just too freaking funny. I mean what are the odds? I probably would have cried if I hadn't been laughing so flipping hard. This was about the 4th time I'd watched it, and the first three times I was in absolute hysterics. I mean it was exactly like that scene in Monsters Inc. where the new commercial airs and Mike's face is totally obscured by the Monsters Inc. logo. I would have been really upset if I wasn't able to watch the scene later on Hulu (oh, and if it hadn't been so hysterically funny).

The good news is that Eric could be seen in several other scenes in the second half of the episode, so we weren't completely shut out. It's always fun to see him on TV, and we had a fun time playing "Where's Waldo" and picking him out of the background of different shots. Here's a screen shot of him and Chuck and some other crazy people in the hospital.

Despite the fact that our viewing experience was a little less than stellar here in Kansas, it was still a great experience for my brother and he still gets to add it to his resume!


cw said...

Even though I could not see his face during his line, it was obvious that he was born for the part of "Orderly". Nailed it!

Great job, Eric!

kelly said...

that is hilarious! my first thought was of monsters, inc and then you mentioned it! Congrats to Eric!

Amy said...

And when he gets out from under the's just the back of his head! I think the storm coverage will make this so much more memorable, tho.

BTW, I know how exciting it is to see a brother on TV. Tad was in a Discovery Channel special once. They interviewed him a little and everything later in the show, but Big Sis Amy started freaking out in the opening sequence when all I could see was his finger pointing at a map. "That's! Tad's! Finger! On! TV!" :)