Monday, May 17, 2010

Comedic Tin

As of last week, I really thought that today I would have a video to share that would be comedic gold. I mean like hilariously funny. Like America's Funniest Videos $100K funny. Unfortunately, the event that was going to be so freaking hysterical did not happen, and I was so bummed. You see, on Friday night, the arts center where I was taking a dance class had its big performance to end the semester. Performing in the dance gala wasn't mandatory, but it was strongly encouraged, and since everyone else who was still in the class was planning to perform, I caved to the peer pressure and agreed to dance on Friday night as well.

Now really, watching a beginner/intermediate jazz class dance to Michael Jackson should be entertaining enough in and of itself, but there was one particular student in the class that was just a lot more humorous than the rest of us. Bless his heart. That's really all you can say. He was just not very coordinated at all, even though he got an A for effort. I was really looking forward to our group dance, highlighted by his participation.

Then Friday night while we were preparing for the gala, our teacher came in and said that our classmate had a family emergency that took him out of town very suddenly. Apparently his son was in a terrible accident and he had to fly out immediately to see him in the hospital. It was such a sad and tragic end to my high hopes for humor. I can only hope that his son is doing okay.

So anyway, our teacher stepped in and danced in place of the missing member of our group. Even though the video won't be nearly as funny, I told my dad I'd post it here so he could watch my performance just like when I was little. Because the quality of the video is so bad, you probably can't even tell which one is me, which is definitely a good thing!! :)

I know you're jealous of those rockin' outfits. Although we looked fairly ridiculous, it was still a fun class and performing wasn't even that bad. I literally had a nightmare about it earlier in the week, but it turns out I didn't even fall down or mess up too terribly, although there was one moment at the end that I forgot for a split second what I was doing. Maybe it wasn't hysterically funny like I thought it would be, but at least it was kind of fun!


cw said...

Great dancing (by you)! Who shot the video, Ed Wood?

EmilyG said...

I totally guessed which one was you. :) Nice Jazz Hands! ;)

Jen said...

Love it! So fun!

Beth said...

Wow, that was amazing!! You looked so great and you have awesome moves and rhythm. I could never have pulled that proud of you, KimJ! :)