Monday, May 03, 2010

1000 Generations

One of the things we did during our busy weekend a week ago was go to a concert at our church by a group called 1000 Generations. We were first introduced to this band by our pastor one Sunday morning, who played this video for us during the service a few months ago. I fell in love with the song immediately and listened to it over and over on their website and on their MySpace page, so I was crazy excited when our pastor announced that he was bringing 1000 Generations to Lawrence for a concert! The lead singer/pianist and the female singer/guitarist are a couple he's known for many years from his previous church in Illinois.

Since I'd listened to their music online and also obtained their latest CD the Sunday before the concert, I thought I was pretty familiar with their music. I wasn't quite prepared for how much the would ROCK the show! It was crazy loud and they were so energetic and entertaining! It was was seriously fantastic. There was tons of humor, tons of variety, and tons of rocking out! The lead singer played the piano with his feet and climbed all over the baby grand, while the guitar player, who happened to be 8 months pregnant, did a ton of jumping off of amps! They were so much fun and they sounded even better than on their album. I loved it!

The only bad thing about the show was that it wasn't very well attended. It's a huge credit to the band that they put on a performance worthy of a huge arena despite the marginal crowd. My mom came with us and really enjoyed it as well, but unfortunately our nephews weren't as impressed. I thought they would be entertained by the drums and guitars especially, but they weren't too happy about how LOUD the band was. They sort of paid attention for about 15 minutes and then asked for their Nintendos. Thankfully, there's a great playground right outside our church and Uncle Chad was nice enough to take them out to play for the last 30 minutes of the show.

Of course I had to take lots of pictures--it was just too much fun!

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cw said...

The band was tight. Great show!