Monday, May 24, 2010


Last Sunday was graduation at KU, and although we're not exactly in the traditional student demographic, we actually had several friends who were celebrating the completion of a degree of one kind or another. Our friends Matt and Faith both finished a master's degree, our friend Pat finished two bachelor's degrees (and became a first time father on the same day, but more about that later), and our friend Nolan finished his bachelor's in economics. Although I'm impressed by the diligence and accomplishments of all my friends, I think I'd have to say I'm especially proud of our friend Nolan. Having turned 31 this year, Nolan isn't exactly in the traditional student demographic either. In the 10+ years we've known him, he's changed careers several times and started and stopped taking classes multiple times, which often leads to people failing to ever finish their degrees at all. I'm so happy for Nolan and impressed that he didn't let work and softball and relationships and everything else get in the way of him reaching his goal. The only bad thing about Nolan graduating is that now he's taken a job in Dallas and he's moving away from us! Nolan is a great guy and a great friend and softball just won't be the same without him!

Although we'll be sad for Nolan to leave Lawrence, we were happy to celebrate with him on Sunday as he prepares for this next chapter of his life. He hosted a gathering of friends and family at his house on Sunday, and even though the weather wasn't exactly stellar, it was wonderful to spend a joyful evening with good friends. Congratulations, Nolan! We'll miss you!

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cw said...

Congrats to Nolan, Faith, Matt, Pat, and Stann!