Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jamber Joy

Last weekend we hosted our dear friends Jake and Amber (also known by their celebrity name Jamber) for the first time since last summer. Our friends the professors were back visiting the Midwest preparing for their move back to the Central Plains this summer. After two years teaching at separate universities in the DC area, they have both accepted positions at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, which happens to be in their hometown. They bought a house there this week and are set to move back across the country in July! We're so excited to be within driving distance of them!

The only bummer about them moving is that we never got out to DC to visit them in the two years they were there. We just couldn't ever get our schedules coordinated, and I'm totally bummed we missed DC sightseeing with the pros. Maybe someday they'll join us for a DC vacation and take us to all the best spots. :)

We had such an enjoyable weekend with these great friends. Aside from going to the piano bar on Saturday evening, we really didn't do much except eat, talk and enjoy each other's company. With good friends, that's really all you need!

Friday night downtown with James and Beth. I wish I could wear heels so I didn't look so freakin' short.

Amber and I before they left on Sunday. I didn't even cry this time since they'll be back soon!

Love these guys!


CaraBrown said...

I am SO BUMMED that I wasn't able to be there. And on another note, I have some great looking friends!

CaraBrown said...

And I like your necklace, Kim!

amber said...

Thanks for the sweet blog post, Kim! We had a wonderful time with you guys and appreciate every last bit of your hospitality. You know we love your new home, and those that live there even more! We'll be back to visit soon...