Monday, October 12, 2009

Missing My Brother

Even though my brother's trip was shorter than originally planned, we had a wonderful time hanging out over the weekend. I took him to the airport this morning and was very sad to say goodbye--he came and went so quickly--but we had some wonderful quality time together. We had a nice dinner Thursday with Dad and Mim, then hung out in the morning and went to lunch on Friday, hung out with Mom and had dinner on Friday evening, then went to the game and froze our tails off on Saturday, then spent all day Sunday hanging out--shopping and eating and working out and watching movies and looking at old pictures. Last night was a late night and this morning's airport trip came way too early!

The good news is, the two extra days he spent in LA before coming here paid off, because both callbacks that he went to during those days were successful--he was asked to be in a short film and a national beer commercial, both as a result of those auditions! Yea Eric! The bad news is, the beer company didn't put him "on avail" (have him clear his calendar) like they should have, so when they wanted him to come shoot the commercial on Sunday, he was still here in Kansas with no way to get back in time. It was super frustrating for him, and I felt like his trip to come see us was kind of bad luck, but the important thing is that he was clearly outstanding in his auditions and is in demand! I'm crossing my fingers and saying prayers that he will have more successful commercial auditions in the very near future!

I got a few good pictures over the weekend that I'll try to share later, but I think this one is my favorite.

I love my brother. He really does love me as well...except when I'm being an annoying little sister and taking pictures of him while he's trying to eat. :)


EmilyG said...

Lol. That pizza looks so yummy, though. :)

Erin said...

I'm so glad y'all had such a great time. I cannot believe they didn't tell him when they were going to shoot the commercial! How frustrating. I'm still wishing those car commercials that he was in were still on.

cw said...

Since when do you take pictures? Weird.