Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fashionally Challenged

I'm really embarrassed to admit this, but today I actually wore this to work:

Nice shoes, right? I know I look like such a complete dork. I don't claim to have terrific fashion sense by a long shot, but I do know that running shoes are completely inappropriate and ridiculous with dressy pants and a sweater. Here's my excuse. I went to work a half day on Monday, but my back hurt so much worse by the end of the day I didn't go at all yesterday. Instead, I went to try a new chiropractor in town (for those keeping score, this would be the sixth chiropractor I've tried in Lawrence) and he talked to me about the importance of wearing supportive and comfy running shoes when you're having back pain. This is actually something I've never tried before, and since I really need to get my back better before November 6, I was willing to try anything.

I contemplated just wearing jeans to work so that I wouldn't look quite so absurd, but then I thought maybe that just wearing tennis shoes would be a less noticeable violation of the dress code than wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Once I got to work though, I felt like my feet stood out like a sore thumb! Tomorrow I'm at least wearing some casual khakis with those tennies!


Jen said...

My physical therapy husband would agree with supportive shoes to help the back. He grimaces at some of the shoes women wear for fashion.

Jen said...

BTW: There are some cute, stylish tennis shoes out there that aren't designed for running.

cw said...

Only 6 chiros? Let's pick up the pace, slacker.

Anonymous said...

Well, your back is very important at the computer, you look cute in jeans and shirt so I suggest you go for those "stylish" shoes... and explain why the tennies would have to go with a nice pair of dress pants and blouse....would they say "no"? mom