Thursday, January 22, 2009

Right Between the Ears

This week has sort of flown by, I guess partially because I had Monday off thanks to MLK's birthday. This week has definitely gotten away from me, as I intended to blog about last weekend much earlier than now!

Regardless, last Friday night we attended the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce annual dinner for about the 4th or 5th year in a row thanks to Westar, Chad's employer. While I rarely turn down free food events, I have to admit that this is one that I'm not a huge fan of. I always enjoy getting to know some of Chad's coworkers better and catching up with a few other Lawrence friends, but overall this is an event I could definitely do without. For one thing, this year it was at the Holiday Inn, where the ambiance is pretty blah and the food is marginal at best. The last couple of years the food has been at the Eldridge, which is lovely and has excellent hors d'oeuvres. Although since the Eldridge doesn't have one room large enough to seat all the people at this event, they've done the first enertainment/awards part of the evening across the street at Liberty Hall.

The awards part of the event is the part that kills me every year. Every year it consists of over an hour of people jabbering on, giving long, drawn out introductions and long, drawn out acceptance speeches. There's always a speech from the incoming chairperson and the outgoing chairperson and it just takes forever and is so ridiculously boring! I am not exaggerating at all when I say that the entertainment started an hour and fifteen minutes late this year because the speeches all ran so long! UGH!

However, the entertainment this year was actually really good. The comedy troupe Right Between the Ears performed, and although I'd heard all about them and maybe caught a minute or two of their show on KPR on occasion, I'd never listened to them for any extended amount of time. If you're not familiar with the group, here's a YouTube video that describes it pretty well. Their show plays on Sirius and XM satellite radio even though they are a Lawrence based group, so that's pretty cool! Although it's a little strange seeing a radio sketch comedy show, they were extremely talented performers and it was really hysterical! I laughed really hard at several of their sketches. Most of the humor was current events based and much of it was very specific to Lawrence, which made it even funnier--although probably not so much for someone who wasn't from Lawrence!

This wasn't a bit they did at the event on Friday, obviously, but here's a funny YouTube video I found that gives you an idea of what their comedy is like. Actually, the stuff last Friday was much funnier! It may have even made the marginal food worthwhile!

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