Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chuck and the Webcam

Chad and I had a pretty lazy, relaxing weekend, which was really nice. Last night we curled up in front of the fireplace and watched episodes of Chuck, which I just recently started watching but have become a big fan of. The characters on that show are just so funny! The Office is the only thing that I currently tivo, but I think I'm going to have to add Chuck to my season pass list!

On Saturday evening I also spent a little time playing with my new webcam, which I bought using some of my Target gift cards from Christmas. I bought it with the intention of signing up for Skype or Google Video Talk so that I could chat with friends and family members far away, but I haven't gotten around to actually using it for chatting yet. So far, all I've done is goof around and take silly pictures of myself. The resolution on the camera is really pretty crappy, but there are a few special effects that are mildly entertaining. It's not nearly as cool or as fun as the iPhoto Booth on a Mac, but here are just a few of the silly pictures I took a couple of weeks ago on the first night that I hooked up the camera.

Hopefully soon I'll actually take the time to figure out how to use it for its intended purpose: catching up with far away friends!


amber said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited you got a webcam. I think you might have one similar to ours, judging by the picture effects. Once you get it all set up, let's find a time to skype!

cw said...

Very cute pics! I believe your camera collection is nearing double digits :)

EmilyG said...

Ooh fun! We just got one when we let me know if you want to chat sometime! ;)

Beth said...

How are we NOT Skyping with you and Chad, or Amber and Jake?!

Just Skyped with Matt & Erika last night. I get so excited to be face-to-face with friends that I was Chatty Kathy to the point of annoyance, so I'll have to dial it back if we Skype. :)