Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cute Overload

I don't have much time for blogging tonight, so I just wanted to share a link to another blog that my friend Beth introduced me to several months ago. It's called Cute Overload, and it's a very goofy collection of super cute animal pictures and videos with silly captions. Not exactly informative or thought-provoking, but good for a laugh none the less.

I don't really check Cute Overload regularly, but there was one post that included a video that made me laugh so freaking hard--I think because hit so close to home. This is totally our dog Hope:

Am I the only one who found this hilarious? It just kills me because Hope is just like that--she will try to take a bite of anything you hand her because she thinks it's food. A piece of wood, a piece of plastic, a piece of metal--whatever. Unlike the kitty in the video, however, she'll also eat paper. We're pretty sure she has pica. She's so adorable, but so bizarre!


Erin said...

okay I'm pretty grossed out because this dude let his cat lick his fingers A LOT and then he picked up some food with the same fingers and put that food in his own mouth. Someone needs to tell this guy that the cat uses that same tongue to clean its butt.

kjl said...

That is pretty disgusting when you think about it! I was obsessed with the cat's behavior and didn't really pay attention to the person's behavior!