Friday, July 25, 2008

In Denial

The day I've been dreading for months is right around the corner. Our friends Jake and Amber are moving to the DC area next Wednesday. Ever since they found out where they were moving back in April I've been in denial about them actually leaving. Last night the move started sinking in a little more when we had the last gathering of our Journey Group before Jake and Amber are gone. It's finally starting to hit home.

I of course took a bunch a pictures of everyone, including the traditional group picture we've done the last few times someone from our group has moved on. We're dwindling and it's getting very sad. Hopefully we'll be blessed with another couple to join our group in the near future!

I haven't put any captions with the pics (which I may or may not actually get around to), but please feel to enjoy the slideshow. You can watch a little larger version by visiting our Picasa page directly.

The only part of Jake and Amber's move that I'm excited about it is the new blog they've started to keep in touch with everyone! Hooray for my blogging friends! Check out Visit Us in Virginia.

Even though last night was out official goodbye party, I refused to say goodbye to our dear friends. I went and saw them briefly tonight and Chad and I made arrangements to see them again on Tuesday before they leave. I'm putting off the sadness until the last second!!

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