Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photographer Friends

A super observant reader might notice that I put some new links on my friends’ blog list earlier this morning. My friend Jen (who I know because we used to go to church together) just got her blog up and running the other day, and it already looks great! Last year, Jen started taking pictures with a “real” SLR camera, and she’s fast becoming a terrific photographer. Her new blog highlights some of her great pictures as well as her prices for a professional sitting. You should definitely check it out!

While I was adding Jen’s link to my blog, I also decided to add a link to my friend Kelly’s (I know Kelly from high school) blog too. If you’ve been reading for a while you might remember that I mentioned Kelly’s blog last year when she temporarily adopted our boy Fresco. I don’t know why I haven’t linked to her blog earlier, because I absolutely love looking at her pictures. They are freakin’ fantastic. I could definitely use some photography lessons from Kelly and Jen too! I love taking pictures so much, but I just have so much to learn!

If you happen to be in the market for a great photographer, I’m privileged to know a couple if you want to check them out!


Jen said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the recognition.

kelly said...

Thanks for adding me, Kim! I meant to comment early this week about Fresco's ADORABLE picture on the Save a Dog good! Are you just loving your camera, or what?