Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The World Needs Ditch Diggers Too

Over the weekend my very handy husband took on a big home improvement project right on top of our current bathroom redecoration project. Last year our neighbors installed their own automatic sprinkler system in the main section of their front yard, and on Saturday morning our neighbor Mike mentioned that he was preparing to finish the installation on the small section of yard that hooked onto ours. He explained how it would be pretty easy to install a sprinkler in our yard as well and instructed Chad on all the materials he would need. The next thing I knew, Chad was at Lowe's in KC buying supplies!

He started this project right as I left for the shelter on Sunday--right about 1:30. When I got home at 4:30, there were already three working sprinklers in our yard! I was shocked at how quickly he'd gotten it done, especially since he was digging the trenches by hand and it was around 100 degrees outside with absolutely no breeze. It was absolutely miserable!

Chad took another hour or so to fill in the ditches before calling it a day. He'll go back on another weekend and add a couple more sprinkler lines and a few more sprinkler heads to complete the job. It was quite an amazing project in my opinion, especially since all the materials cost only a few hundred dollars, while estimates that Mike had received the year before were as high as $5K to have a sprinkler system installed!

So here are just a few shots of my hubby and the results of his hard work!

Pretty cool, huh? And by the way--we don't normally use yard signs to endorse politicians, but our good friend Grant is running for County Commission and asked us to show him some love. Hopefully he's happy now that I gave him a shout out on the old blog too. :)


cw said...

On the heels of your "Hillbilly Look" post, I thought it was heli-cool that I am barefoot in one photo.

Good call on the Caddyshack reference!

Jen said...

I just saw your entry on the Pioneerwoman blog. Wishing us both luck. I love her give-a-ways!

Erin said...

Very impressed Chad!