Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worst Ever

Ugh. What else can you say about yesterday, which was pretty much the worst first day of spring ever. If you paid any attention to the news last night, you already know the the primary reason it was a horrible day for us. Our beloved Jayhawks got knocked out of the NCAA tournament in the second round, and as our friends and family can imagine, we were devastated. I spent much of yesterday evening in tears and have struggled all day to find any motivation to do anything. I know it sounds insane, but I just love KU basketball so much. My heart is broken for our players--especially for Sherron, who had a terrible game to end his college career.

I couldn't bring myself to actually watch any post game interviews or read any post game articles today--the wounds are just too fresh! I don't really know what the experts are saying about why we lost, but I just think those guys from Northern Iowa played an absolutely perfect game. They made shots they hadn't made all year, barely had any turnovers, made free throws, and played tenacious defense. Our guys, on the other hand, seem lacking in energy, tense, and unsure of themselves. They missed free throws, turned the ball over, and didn't defend as well as they should have. They certainly didn't play up to their amazing potential.

There's probably a lot more I could say about the game and about Bill's boys, but it's just too depressing. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to put the whole thing into perspective.

To make yesterday a little bit worse (if that were even possible), we had the most ridiculous weather ever for the first day of spring. It started sleeting and then snowing late Friday night, and when we woke up, there was 8 inches of snow on our back deck and it was still coming down hard. It snowed the entire day until about the time the game ended in the early evening. It may have snowed a little more overnight, because there was at least 12 inches on the deck, although I'm sure a lot of that was just drifting. There were probably 6-7 inches total at our house. I took a few pictures in the morning, way before it was finished, to commemorate the first day of spring.

The tiny bit of good news is that it was super sunny today and got above freezing, so a lot of the snow melted. We're ready for some happier weather and happier times in Lawrence!


cw said...

"Spring" my butt. I want a refund! And a "do-over" for the Hawks. What a miserable day.

cw said...

Beautiful pics though.