Saturday, March 13, 2010

Number One Times Three

Congrats to our wonderful Jayhawks who beat the Wildcats for the third time this year to win the Big 12 tournament! It wasn't always pretty and we didn't always play our best, but we got the job done in the end, and the W is all that matters. Thanks to being the conference champs and the tourney champs and the number 1 team in the country with a phenomenal 32-2 record, we will likely be the number 1 overall seed in the NCAA tourney after tomorrow's selection show. Woohoo!

Obviously we love our champions, but we also love the amazing coach behind their success! My friend Emily sent me a link to this terrific article from Sports Illustrated about Bill Self and his incredible confidence and determination. You can't help but love him! The article is a good one too, albeit extremely long! When you have an extra fifteen minutes in your day, you should definitely check it out. Until then, I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite lines from writer Joe Posnanski.

"There really isn't a school in America that has quite the same basketball tradition of Kansas -- no other school that can say that its first basketball coach was James Naismith, who, you know, invented the game."

"Anyway, basketball tradition at Kansas is like air -- it's everywhere, it gets into everything."

Love it. ROCK CHALK!!!

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