Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'm a Slacker

I'm seriously embarrassed that today was the last KU basketball game of the regular season and I've only blogged about the Jayhawks TWICE since hoops started last fall! What in the world is wrong with me? My lack of blogging is certainly not indicative of a lack of fandom, just in case you were wondering. I've been glued to almost every game this year--except for one when I was on the road and one when I fell asleep during the second half because we were ahead by so much. We also had the pleasure of actually attending four games at Allen Fieldhouse, thanks to our friends J and Julie, who split up their season tickets this year and let us buy a few of them. I can't imagine us ever having season tickets of our own because of the time commitment involved in going to all the games, but we've definitely enjoyed being "partial" season ticket holders!

Today's game was some awesome icing on the cake of our season. Not only did we put the hurt on our most hated rivals the "Misery" Tigers, but we also got to watch it with some wonderful friends at Leigh Ann and Nate's "Jayhawks and Jambalaya" party. Leigh Ann fed us all some incredible Jambalaya and other awesome snacks like peanut butter and jelly chocolate cookies! Thanks, Leigh Ann (aka the Most Awesome Hostess Ever)!!

Okay, as a total aside, speaking of Leigh Ann's incredible party-planning skills, you should have seen the amazing baby shower she and our friend Melissa threw a few weeks ago for our friend Amy. Seriously, every detail of this circus themed event was absolutely fabulous. You have to check out the pictures here.

Okay, back to basketball. What can you really say about this nearly perfect season? This year's 'Hawks are incredibly talented and incredibly deep. While they certainly haven't played perfectly in every game, they've most definitely gotten the job done the vast majority of the time. With their incredible 29-2 record, they've dominated one of the best conferences in the NCAA and locked up their 6th straight Big 12 regular season title. Hopefully next week they'll put another conference tournament title under their belt and get some momentum going into the Big Dance. I'm so excited, and yet I'm also so nervous because we could very possibly be the #1 seed in the entire tournament. The pressure is going to be huge! We've been #1 for so much of the season and we're expected to go so far, there's going to be such a huge bullseye on our backs! Hopefully we can play up to all of our potential! Let's go 'Hawks!!

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cw said...

I am nervous for the NCAA tourney as well. Luckily, our Jacket for Two will provide us with comfort and warmth during all of the upcoming games. How did we ever live without it?