Friday, March 19, 2010

Basketball Break

As you might have guessed, the last several days have been consumed by all things basketball and March Madness related. Sometime soon I'll hopefully return to regularly scheduled blogging, but for now, it's all basketball, all the time. I love this time of year so much. Yesterday I took a long lunch and watched games with Chad (who always takes these two days of the year off) at Jack's, and it was one phenomenal day of basketball. Two of the first three games of the day went into overtime, and the bracket was full of upsets galore. My favorite, which happened to be one that I picked, was Ohio (14) over Georgetown (3). We didn't get to watch it here at home, but I'm so excited for the Bobcats because my dad lives in the Ohio University college town of Athens. He'd told me how they'd won the MAC tournament as the number 9 seed, beating the #1, #4 and #3 seed, to make it to the big dance. I hope their Cinderella story continues!

We had some friends over in the evening, to watch our Jayhawks and the ends of all the rest of the late games as well. Our Jayhawks definitely got off to a rough start, but after they got their acts in gear about midway through the first half, it was smooth sailing. Marcus had an incredible game, Sherron was pretty solid, and Tyrel has really come alive in this post season. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get off to a better start and handle Northern Iowa without too much trouble. I'm already a little nervous!

Today's day games weren't quite as exciting as yesterday's, but Chad and I still had a great time hanging out at Zig and Mac's for several hours eating and watching the madness. Only one of the upsets I picked actually happened today, so my brackets have both gone to crap, but oh well. That's what March Madness is all about, isn't it?

Right now we're taking a little break, lounging around while watching the only game currently being played. In less than an hour the madness will start up again, and there's lots more basketball this evening! I'm headed out for dinner and fun with some friends in a little while, and I can only hope that where we're going there will be TVs so I can keep up with the tourney!

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