Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mud Foot

Yesterday, I was uncomfortable pretty much the whole morning because my pants were slightly too short. My pants were too short because my only matching shoes had a slight heel. I only had one pair of matching shoes because my matching flats were dirty. My matching flats were dirty because they'd been in a mud related accident a couple of weeks before and I hadn't yet cleaned them. I finally cleaned them on my lunch hour because I felt so uncomfortable in my too short pants. Before their cleaning they looked like this:

That's an impressive amount of mud, don't you think? How this happened is kind of a funny story. A few weeks ago, before our recent snowstorm, we had an entire week of rainy days, so the whole town was a little muddy and soggy. We went over to our friends James and Beth's for small group one night, and while walking up to their apartment building I missed one of the stepping stones and landed right in a massive pool of mud. I told everyone the tale of my clumsiness once I got inside, and then as we were leaving I made sure to remind everyone to watch out for the mud mass that I'd so gracefully stepped in. So as we're walking to the car, I literally turned around to my friend Cara to point out the muddy location she should be aware of and simultaneously slopped my other foot into a different mud puddle. That's some impressive clumsiness if I do say so myself!


cw said...

That was very spazzy of you to step in the mud twice :)

James said...

If it makes you feel any better, I've splashed muddy water on my shoes and pants numerous times over the past few weeks walking along that path. I've managed to avoid the quagmire you stepped into, but there's one trick tile in the path that gives way and splashes, and I can never seem to remember which one it is! I curse it every time.