Monday, January 04, 2010

You Bettis Believe

I interrupt my previously promised Christmas party posting to bring you this breaking news from my awesome family. Today I viewed my brother's latest commercial for the first time and I just had to share it--at least what I could find of it! Eric found the full commercial (which is only supposed to be shown online as of now) on the DiGiorno Facebook page, but I couldn't find that version on Youtube, so hopefully you can see it on Facebook even if you don't have an account. If not, here's the much shorter version that's posted on Youtube. Unfortunately, this version doesn't feature Eric nearly as much, but it's still fun!

As you can imagine, I'm super proud of my big bro even though he claims he's barely in the commercial.

Talking about Eric's successes actually reminds me of something else I started to post about a while back and never got finished. I mentioned back in July that Eric had a short film at a film festival, and I'd linked to the trailer on Facebook, but I don't think non-Facebooking people could actually ever see it. Somehow a few weeks ago I actually came across the trailer on the Internet Movie Database, which I think is pretty darn awesome. The trailer is very well done and I think my brother is hilarious in it! Plus, even though she's not in the trailer, apparently the hysterical secretary from Ferris Bueller's Day Off is also in this short, although I totally don't remember my brother ever telling me that! I wish I could see the whole film!

Did I mention I'm really proud of my brother?


Sherry said...

Wow, what can I say. Regardless of the turn around, he got some good shots. Loved it! He did well. yea!!!!

cw said...

You Bettis believe that was a great commercial!

James said...

Congrats to Eric! That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

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